HDBase-T Daisy Chain Extender 100m with Ethernet


Basic Color (Customized):
HANK HKHB0102SC4 is an ideal solution for when you need to distribute a video signal to two displays over long distances. It takes a single HDMI input and splits it into two Ethernet signals, which are then transmitted over a single Cat5e/6 cable each for a distance of up to 100m, and also it support 4 hop daisy chain . The receiver unit at the end then converts the signal back to HDMI for use by the display.

Technical Parameters


1 x HDaseT inputs, 1 x HDBase-T outputs, 1xHDMI output
Transmission distance: 100m
4 hop daisy chain 
IR backward
Support 4KX2K   


1xHDBaseT inputs, 1xHDBase-T output, 1xHDMI output
100m long extension over HDBase-T technology
Support IR call back
4 hop daisy chain 
Support 4Kx2K, 3D, 1080P
Support HDMI 1.4, HDCP 1.4